Sanji Lighter

It is entirely golden in color, and sculpted to resemble a woman cradling her legs.

“People who don’t have any dreams are just living in their nightmares.” – Sanji

Who is Sanji?

Sanji is one of the most popular characters from One Piece. He is a pirate and cook.

Sanji is one of the most popular anime characters in Japan. He has captured the hearts of many fans with his charm and good looks.

He is a pirate and cook, but he also has a softer side to him that often gets him into trouble with Nami, his love interest.

Some of Sanji’s famous quotes are:
– “I can’t live without you.”
– “I’m not going to die like this!”
– “You’re all I need.”

What is Sanji’s Lighter

Lighters are a common tool for lighting a fire. Sanji’s lighter, first seen in detail during the Punk Hazard Arc, Later people made this lighter according to the anime.

The only record Sanji lighter made for you

The lighter features a monolithic metal structure with a delicate guilloche surface, a matte and polished finish, and the iconic crystal clear ring of the lighter cap. Discerning style meets innovative technique to create a range of modern classics that are perfect for any One Piece enthusiast.

You’ll never want to go back to just any lighter again from the moment you use a Sanji lighter.

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Silver | Gold Sanji lighter photo review
Highly recommend for any One Piece fan or anyone who collects lighters or anyone who is a smoker.
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Silver | Gold Sanji lighter photo review
Silver | Gold Sanji lighter photo review
Silver | Gold Sanji lighter photo review
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Silver | Gold Sanji lighter photo review
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Silver | Gold Sanji lighter photo review
Fine workmanship, good sound
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Silver | Gold Sanji lighter photo review
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Silver | Gold Sanji lighter photo review
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Sanjilighter gold one

Color: Gold
Material: Copper
Gas: Butane
Weight: 140g
Size: 65*3.7*1.1mm
Style: Sanji cigarette lighter
Perfect gift: Gift packaging
Limited Edition Product
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$ 219

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Color: Gold & Silver
Material: Copper
Gas: Butane
Weight: 280g
Size: 65*3.7*1.1mm * 2
Style: Sanji cigarette lighter
Perfect gift: Gift packaging * 2
Limited Edition Product
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Note :

1, As the requirements of international air transport, all of our lighters will release gas out before send you, please fill the gas and then use when you receive lighter!!!


Sanji’s age has been revealed to be 21 years old, making him one of the youngest members in the Straw Hat Pirates crew.

Though his exact height has never been revealed, it is estimated that Sanji stands at about 6 feet tall.

No, Sanji didn’t eat the devil fruit neither he will.

Sanji does not have a Devil Fruit power.

Sanji has not shown the ability to use the Color of the Supreme King, also called Conqueror’s Haki.

Episode 20 is where we meet Sanji

Sanji left the Straw Hat crew during the Zou arc in order to protect Zeff and the Straw Hat Pirates present there from the wrath of Big Mom.

Sanji left the crew when Capone Bege threatened him at Zou.


“A Hard Battle Starts – Luffy vs. Katakuri” is the 852nd episode of the One Piece anime.

when does sanji get his raid suit

It is close to none given the fact how disinterested Nami is towards Sanji’s affections.

While Sanji did get beat up by him and all his other brothers, he is undoubtedly stronger than them.

Sanji is a prince of the Germa Kingdom, and a member of the Vinsmoke Family in One Piece. His father, Vinsmoke Judge

The comeback was finished in the anime episode 877.

Sanji rejoins the crew in One Piece Episode Episode 825.

Name Sanji Lighter
Fabric Kerosene
Size 65*3.7*1.1mm
Weight 280g
Package Gift packaging individually wrapped
Delivery ePacket Normally 5-20 Working Days